Friday, February 2, 2007

The Good Ol' Days

I keep hearing about the good Old days when everything was so perfect and shiny..

People !! Wake UP!!

The good Old days are over..

so many people dream about the good old days, keep peering back with extra thick glasses , but fail to notice that the present is quietly slipping away, right before their unseeing eyes.

If you are really honest with yourself, you'll agree that the past was not all that perfect. So is our present.. It is not perfect. Yeah there are a few things that you would wish you can bury 10 feet deep but it is not going to happen. Atleast not as easily as you think. What we really got to do is encourage the goodness of the present. Identify the bad and denounce it. What may seem good to you may not be so to me. But when the collective thought of the society is applied, it will lead to evolution... evolution of ideas and behaviours. We'll leave a better society to the next generation, and a better generation to look after the society.

Lonely , In the Past

On TV, David Attenborough was doing what he did best, giving an exciting yet calm narration of human evolution. As he described the changes the Mayan civilization underwent, something he said set my head buzzing.. "Mayan civilization's Capital City housed 60 thousand residents" ... Capital City? Just 60 thousand? Thats a flourishing civilization? Well, there was more to come .. He remarked "the total human population in the world was 15 million" .. Wait!! Thats less that the total population of New York (18 M) !! The first feeling that stuck me was ,, Lonliness.. The worlds would have been very different.. You get out of your domain.. It may be ages and ages and you might never meet a single human being! Whooh.. The second feeling was more profound .. If that was the stable population for a long time, then how did this sudden explosion happen? Are we not becoming more of a parasite on this world? Is it not time to give what we took? Sure the winner takes it all .. But after the world is gone, will we still be winners? Hmmm.. questions .. Our actions and the future holds the answers ..