Friday, March 16, 2007

Cheese, cheese and more cheese

Take a plate layered with cheese .. Now add some cheese on top of it .. Sprinkle some pasta .. Cover it all with cheese .. Now garnish your wonderful dish with cheese .. yeah ,, and you have the freedom to add your own names and qualifiers before the word 'cheese' above .. Italians really know how to live their life .. If you are a gourmet, probably that is where you got to be .. To do them justice, their soups, starters, and desserts where excellent though the poor Indian in me could never take the cheese lavished on me ..

To put it in context , one of my friends was leaving our office and taking off to more fun filled pastures and we got together in this sweet little Italian restaurant to bid him 'adieu'. Food or not, I had a great time with my friends .. A nice break from the hectic schedules and never ending queries

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